The progress of a country is always reflected in people’s aspirations to their lives and how they shape it.

With the changing habits of people, the products that make life better are also developing.

Online information and online shopping are just as much a part of daily life. Millions of people visit thousands of brick-and-mortar stores every day to experience the product live and take a nice shopping experience home with them.

A variety of interesting products and different stores are needed to make shopping and shopping an exciting experience time and time again become.

That is why MISS GERMANY COLLECTION ensures a variety of innovative and high-quality products that can be discovered in a wide range of stores in Germany.

From Flensburg in the far north to southern Berchtesgaden, MISS GERMANY COLLECTION will contribute to the fact that in addition to the large chain stores there are also a variety of different and interesting shops, so that shopping and shopping remains an exciting experience.

All this is possible with extraordinary ideas and services of an enthusiastic team which MISS GERMANY COLLECTION evolves every day.

As MISS GERMANY COLLECTION we take on / award and mediate:


  • exceptionally creative photographers
  • travel enthusiastic and communicative marketing scouts


  • great fashion houses and interesting retail stores
  • innovative manufacturers from all product areas

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